Saturday 30 May 2009

Bigfoot appearances this week

Bigfoot is in the news this week.

North Carolina’s Bigfoot: More than just a myth?

May/June 2009

Early one morning about two years ago, after 18 years of fruitless camping trips, Michael Greene says he saw Bigfoot.
Greene was camping about an hour outside of Salisbury, where he was visiting his son-in-law. As he scanned the woods around his campsite with a pair of thermal imagers—binoculars that register heat—he saw something that he is sure wasn’t a human or some kind of animal. It was a Sasquatch.“I am six foot five, and I would guess it was seven and a half feet tall and absolutely, unbelievably muscular,” Greene says. “It was a thank-you from God finally rewarding me a little bit.” Greene, who now lives in Salisbury, is one of the many who claim to have seen the mysterious creature that goes by the names Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Yeti, a mythical ape-like creature that roams the wilderness of North America. But unlike the two hunters who gained notoriety several years ago by orchestrating a gigantic Bigfoot hoax, Greene doesn’t want publicity, and he is far more credentialed than many who claim to have seen the elusive beast. Greene now volunteers with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which was founded in 1995 and claims it’s the only scientific organization exploring the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery. In early April, he led a group of Bigfoot hunters on a camping trip through Central North Carolina, but they didn’t find anything. Greene’s interest was first piqued by the writings of famed psychiatrist Carl Jung, which he read while researching a graduate studies thesis paper on mass hysteria. Jung’s thesis was that people’s minds trick them into seeing flying saucers because they represent a higher power. Greene said that Bigfoot was listed as an example, but he didn’t think it made sense.“It doesn’t seem that this is the kind of vision the collective unconscious would vomit on us as a representation of a higher power,” he says. Since then, he’s been consumed with Bigfoot research. Now retired, Greene spent most of his professional life as the chief of the Criminal Fraud Bureau for the state of New Jersey. He was an expert in court testimony and forgery. “I come qualified with a master’s degree in psychology and a healthy skepticism of everyone and everything and their motives,” he says. Greene encourages anyone interested in Bigfoot research or exploration to contact the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. “Most people won’t get anything but ridicule, but from us they’ll get understanding,” he says. “I don’t blame (skeptics) one bit, but when you’ve read and seen and heard as much as I have…you realize it’s not nonsense.”

And more news of the big guy:

Researchers believe that a footprint they discovered over the weekend in the Kiamichi Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma is that of the elusive creature Bigfoot.D.W. Lee, global director of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center, said the print was discovered about five miles into the woods. they were able to make a cast of the print, which measured 15 3/4 inches long and 5 inches wide.
"The toes were clearly visible on the cast after it was lifted up," Lee said.
In addition, Lee said they heard "vocalizations" in the woods that they recognize as the tell-tale mocking calls of Bigfoot. Whoop sounds, "attempted imitations" of whippoorwills and mimicking of dove and owl calls were heard, he said. One crew member was hit by a rock during a night hike just moments after two large animals were spied through a night scope walking on two feet across a logging road."A lot of people, it doesn't really dawn on them when rocks land near them" that Bigfoot could be responsible, Lee said. Lee and his crew are evaluating hundreds of photographs and hours of video recordings taken over the weekend by about 30 researchers. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Scott Simmons said he has not been involved in any Bigfoot-seeking expeditions but that people are capable of collecting and analyzing data and have been doing so for years in fascination of the possibility of an unknown apelike species."I'm not going to tell someone they did not see or did see something," he said.

The race to find bigfoot continues. There have been lots of tales of bigfoot throwing rocks and about noises made by said creature. Something is going on in the woods!

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