Wednesday 3 June 2009

Reported Italian Lake Monsters

I came across some stuff on Italian Lake monsters. In view of the Champ sighting, I thought they may be of interest.

Lake Maggiore is 54 km long, with a coastline of over 150km and at its widest is 12 km. Like all the other Northern Italian lakes it is a deep glacial basin fed by rivers. Piedmont and Lombardy are two major regions surrounding the Lake but the most northerly section of Lake Maggiore extends a dozen kilometres into Switzerland.There has been reported monster in the lake for some years and it is mentioned in Peter Costello’s Book “In Search of Lake Monsters”.

"[I]n the Italian Alps Lake Maggiore is the reputed haunt of a monster. In 1934, fishermen reported they had seen it where the River Ticino runs into the lake. It was not however dreamed up just to cash in on the fashion for monsters, because this particular monster – said to have a horse’s head and to live on fish – was mentioned at the beginning of the 19th century in one of his travel books by the novelist Stendhal." The quote by Stendhal – who wrote extensively on Lake Maggiore – has not yet been traced and probably does not exist. As for the lake being the creature’s "reputed haunt", my own experience indicates that people around the lake are not aware of any monster, and that it is mainly tourists who see and report it”

And there is also a monster in Lake Como: Lariosauro is a creature reported to live in Lake Como in Italy, about 30 miles north of Milan. Como is one of the deepest European lakes, at about 410 meters (1200 feet) at the deepest location.
In 1946, eye witnesses allegedly reported seeing a reptile-like animal swimming in the waters of the lake. It was called lariosauro, the same name used a century before to name a prehistoric reptile whose fossilized remains were found by the lake (Lariosaurus balsami).
Then there were other sightings reported
in Lake Como.
In 1954 in Argegno a creature with round muzzle and back and webbed paws was seen .
In August 1957 an enormous monster was reported
in the waters between Dongo and Musso.
In September 1957 a strange animal whose head was described as similar to a crocodile head.
In 2003 a giant eel, 10-12 m long was seen , in Lecco.
Since 1940 the Italian newspapers such as "The Courier of the Evening" and "La Domenica del Corriere""The nation of the people" (Florence) have reported news of the appearance of a monster in Lake Como in size no longer than two meters, a large reptile with large head and body covered with scales.

Then I found this , apparently an eye witness.The translation isn’t that good but you get the drift:

On July 6, 2003, Enzo announced in forum Site "Two steps in the mystery" that the previous day had seen a monster in Lake Como.: Was on top on Mount Barro, 800 meters high, when a friend invited him to look down towards the lake: He was looking at something in the middle of the arm of the lake of Lecco, which became a river (the Adda).Looking carefully point he indicated there was a (unknown word)or sparkling water ripple as if there were a bunch of fish he was "swimming" a hair of water VERY quickly ... and on a kind of "big fish silvery colour that "snaking" chasing them from behind.. The scene lasted a few seconds, then the big fish was immersed, and reappeared after one minute later ... still a few seconds and then it was definitely reimmerso. Close to that point they could see the state with the machines that passed and the bridges that we are in Lecco ... comparing the "big fish" with the size of the machines we have estimated that it was as large as 2 / 3 cars or as a coach of [ sic] near the shore. Question: What is fish in the lake of Lecco, which is long by 10 to 12 meters? The monster, he added in another speech, "had to be at least 2 / 3 meters deep [...] and then on the surface ... in the lake could not be visible .Entered in another forum, Mauro quotes the torpedo, adding that, however, the length remained excessive”. A couple of years later (19 March 2005), Enzo sighting was mentioned in the forum, "the Italian portal dell'archeologia mysterious." "I do not talk about the monster Enzo" replied the day after Antonio "at Varenna asked about local myths and legends that spoke of monsters in the lake appears Barbin ... ... no one knew anything, then an elderly gentleman said to me the simplest explanation .. large schools of fish on the surface and from the top of the mountain could be traded for forms such as "Nessie" ... "(Nessie is, of course, the nickname of the Loch Ness monster). In his 2003, however, wrote that it was long as a coach) was a" pack of fish very substantial "and could see the difference, the hypothesis of Antonio seems much more plausible. About a year later, on request, to provide some more in particular, Enzo has added (on the forum Antikitera, 27 February 2006): "The pesciaccio" was almost a 4 / 5 meters below the water and is passed under the new bridge going in the direction of Lecco. Head not so dire, the body was silver-coloured (but maybe it was the reflection in water with the sun above the bottom) ... so that just moved in a "winding" as a big eel. "

So a giant eel or giant fish inhabiting the Italian lakes? More likely than a prehistoric monster and many of the descriptions sound like a sturgeon. Maybe more sightings will come to light.

Also some news plus video here :

The deepest dwelling fish ever found is filmed.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just came upon this blog. I'm doing some research on the Lariosauro for a TV show, and I'm trying to find one or 2 eye witnesses who claim they saw it. In your post, you mention an Enzo, who saw it in 2003. Any idea on how I can get ahold of him? Any kind of lead would be very helpful. Thank you!

Tabitca said...

the report came from the forum Antikitera. I suggest you put a message on there asking him to come forward . Google forum is in Italian but google translate does a reasonable job. good luck

Thimbleberry said...

I was at Lake como a few days ago with my daughter. As we strolled the edge of the lake I saw a wave moving across the lake that had no cause. The lake was calm with no waves. There was no boat nearby that could cause the wave. The wave moved across the lake as though there was a boat but there was no boat. We were on the Lecco leg of the lake in Abbadia Lariana. We watched the wave move across the lake for at least 10 minutes. We never saw a creature but the wave without a cause was very odd. I took pictures of the wave and will look at them closely once I return home. Something had to cause the long and large wake, which moved perhaps a mile across the lake before disappearing toward the far side of the lake.