Thursday 2 June 2011

belief that Sasquatch might exist

40 percent of Washingtonians believe Sasquatch might exist
Is Sasquatch out there?
About 40 percent of Washington residents think he could be, according to a poll from insurance company PEMCO.The slightly-opportunistic poll comes on the heels of a Bigfoot sighting in Eastern Washington. And given that one of PEMCO’s beloved “Northwest profiles” features a Sasquatch hunter — hey, why not?PEMCO surveyed users online and found out many are open to the idea that Bigfoot is lumbering through the woods somewhere.Nearly four out of 10 surveyed responded — rather vaguely –that  they think it’s possible Sasquatch exists. Maybe more importantly, about 13 percent said they’ve seen a Sasquatch or know someone who has.

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Julie Ferguson said...

With that many reports of sightings, why not believe the creature exists.