Sunday 28 August 2011

Knobby the bigfoot in the news

Knobby legend lives on: History of bigfoot sightings brings the curious to Casar (with photo gallery)
Friday, Aug 26 2011, 6:20 pm
Calvin Thompson
CASAR — It’s been five months since Knobby, the legendary bigfoot of Cleveland County, was last sighted, but many of the residents of Casar and the surrounding area are still feeling his presence.“People think I’m more of a kook, is all,” said Thomas Byers, who reportedly saw Knobby on March 22, and managed to capture grainy video footage of an apparently furry, brownish humanoid. At first, Byers was bombarded by news agencies and people looking for more information.Byers claims he has since seen additional signs of the creature, and said he has a friend who has seen it multiple times while hunting. Casar resident Tim Peeler says he saw another, taller hairy beast back in June of 2010, but has since grown tired of the publicity and the media attention.“I don’t like to talk about it no more,” Peeler said, recently. Byers said he has not let the media attention get to him because he is certain of what he saw, be it a real sasquatch or a hoax.
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