Tuesday 9 August 2011

Ohio Bigfoot

Bigfoot spotted here
Unidentified flying objects, little green men, spirits of those who passed away and legends of haunted houses don't interest Marc DeWerth because he's never encountered any of them. What does interest Marc is Bigfoot, because he claims he's seen one and that it was right here in Ohio. Marc is an Ohio Bigfoot Investigator and is affiliated with the Ohio Bigfoot Organization. Not nearly as elusive as Sasquatch, Marc made an appearance in Fostoria to speak at the Rotary Club about his "time-consuming hobby." "Bigfoot is about being passionate about it," Marc said. And he is. While he has had an interest in the creature since he was a teenager, his sighting came in 1997 while hunting for badger dens. "I always said if I ever saw one, I'd walk right toward it, but if you saw what I saw..." Marc remembered.
Marc said the creature, covered in black fur, paced him as he was walking back to his vehicle. When he saw it, he tried to get a camcorder out to record it, but was unable to get as much evidence as he wanted. However, he did see the creature bump into a branch with its head.
Later, when he returned to the area with some friends, he found the branch by locating the markers he had left to indicate where he saw the creature. The branch was measured at 8 feet 11 inches off the ground.

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