Saturday 13 August 2011

sasquatch in Maple Ridge and filmed in Minnesota?

Is the sasquatch out there?
By Monisha Martins - Maple Ridge News
Published: August 12,
From a thicket of hemlock, a rock fell at Jason’s Erickson feet with a thud.It was followed by a second volley, a scattering of tiny pebbles, bound to get his attention. From the trees that crowded at the base of a rocky slope, he heard a purr, a bass, vibrating sound, he was sure didn’t come from a cougar or bear.“I’ve grown up in the bush and it’s definitely something different.”Stretching from the edge of Maple Ridge to the rugged reaches of Mount Blanshard, Golden Ears Provincial Park is 62,540 hectares of second-growth forest, home to beaver, deer, black bear, and mountain goat.But lurking in the red cedar and moss-covered Douglas fir is where a legend comes to life. Sasquatch – the gigantic hirsute beast that figures in First Nation mythology, the comical Kokanee beer mascot – has been barking at Jason, tossing pebbles at him, banging on trees.He hasn’t seen one.“But I believe they are real.”
Extract: The location in Golden Ears Provincial Park was ideal because it had been hiked for more than a decade by the man who reported the sightings to Erickson. The sasquatch were not afraid to interact with the man, growing more familiar with him as he returned to the area.Erickson filmed at the location for two years and collected hair samples from what he says is a grey, light-coloured sasquatch.“You whistle and they whistle back. They won’t interact with strangers,” he explains.Not all encounters are visual. The sasquatch like to chuck rocks at you. They are skittish.“We don’t know why they pick certain people to show themselves to,” says Erickson.

Minnesota Farmer Films Bigfoot
By Javier Ortega · August 12, 2011
Here we go again! Another blobsquatch video is about to hit the viral storm. Fresh from YouTube is a video posted by SasquatchWatcher. The video was shot by a farmer who was out with his wife near the St. Croix River. Both heard a low grunting sound emanating from the trees and figured it was just a dear moving about. Equipped with a new Iphone, the farmer was able to capture a few seconds of what he believed to be the deer. It wasn’t until a few days later when the video was extracted to a computer that the couple realized that this wasn’t a deer at all.With a massive body and long reddish hair, the bipedal creature can be seen in the video moving with great stealth through the brush. Many have talked about the dexterity and stealth that a Bigfoot possesses, and this video shows just that.

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