Tuesday 1 November 2011

Encounter with The Thetis Lake Monster

The Thetis Lake Monster - A First-hand Encounter
Posted On November 01, 2011
Five summers ago, I got a job with the Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. teaching people how to fish on Vancouver Island.  I lived out of Duncan, about an hour north of Victoria. I spent my summer teaching people to fish and my time off chasing rainbow and brown trout in the Cowichan River and smallmouth bass in other area lakes.
One day in August I decided to try out Thetis Lake just north of Victoria.  I didn't have a boat at the time but heard that it had pretty good shore access, so I decided to give it a try. 
Sure enough, there was a great walking path around the lake, and the action was pretty steady including one solid 3+ pounder on a tube bait.  I was having a blast exploring this new lake when I came to the realization that daylight was fading fast.  After a few more casts, and more than one "last cast" I hustled back to the parking lot. 
It was completely deserted.  My mustang was the last car there.  As an experienced urban fisherman, being the last guy in the parking lot was nothing new at all but just as I was entertaining myself with this thought, I heard something moving through the bushes behind the car.  Being the scaredy cat I am, I rushed into the car, shoved my rods into the passenger seat and fumbled for my keys.  As I did this I happened to glance into my rearview mirror where I saw a man running towards me.

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