Monday 31 October 2011

halloween news: bigfoot hunt,lake monsters, 3 eyed fish and zombie worms.

October 30, 2011
Research group searches for Sasquatch
DAN LADD, Adirondack Hunting & Fishing Report Press-Republican
With Halloween being tomorrow I thought it would be fun to touch on a mysterious subject related to the outdoor world. The Adirondack region has its share of reported Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, encounters.When Bill Brann decided to investigate what has become the legendary Bigfoot encounters in Whitehall, Washington County, back in 1976, he didn't know then what he was getting himself into. An archaeologist by trade, Brann was intrigued and eventually sought out the parties involved.The incident on Abair Road in late August of that year involved three members of the Gosselin family in Whitehall, two of which were police officers. They reported encountering a large, hairy, muscular creature that walked upright and gave out loud, hideous screams when bright lights were shined in its eyes.

7 Lake Monsters Around the World
Bariloche : Argentina | Oct 30, 2011 By ahmedawan786
Extract: Since then, some 170 sightings have been reported, the most recent one in 2003 by a man who claims he saw brilliant light moving to the surface and then a creature emerging briefly. When it disappeared again, it left a huge wave that lifted his tiny boat several feet out of the water.

Three-Eyed Fish Caught Near Nuclear Plant in Argentina
by Stephen Messenger, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Way back in 1990, an episode of The Simpsons introduced Blinky, a mutated orange fish with three-eyes caught in the waters near the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, emblematic of mean Mr. Burns' callousness towards the environment -- and now, it seems, life has imitated cartoon. Recently, a group of fisherman on a lake in the Cordoba province of Argentina reeled in a fish that had an extra eye. And it just so happens that that lake is situated right next to a nuclear power plant, too. According to, the lake where the three-eyed fish was caught is a reservoir where hot water from the nuclear facility is pumped, and that folks living nearby have started to grow worried after seeing undeniable evidence of mutation. Never had such a fish been seen there before.

Fossil feast for 'zombie worms'
By Ella Davies Reporter, BBC Nature
Traces of bone-eating "zombie worms" have been found in a three-million-year-old fossil from Italy, say researchers. Osedax worms feed on whale skeletons on the seabed using root-like tissues to bore into and dissolve the bones. Scientists from the Natural History Museum in London identified telltale borings in the fossil using a scanner. The discovery suggests the worms were much more widespread throughout prehistoric oceans than thought. The findings of lead scientist Nicholas Higgs and colleagues are published in the journal Historical Biology. The only other evidence of Osedax worms in the fossil record was found off the coast of Washington state, US, last year.
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