Monday 10 October 2011

very strange

Shark-infested Aussie golf course believed to be a world first
MEMBERS of a golf club in Australia have something more to worry about than just their swing, playing on what is thought to be the world's first shark-infested course. Six man-eating bull sharks live in the lake in the center of the course at Brisbane's Carbrook Golf Club, where their fins poking through the water has become a regular sight.The sharks, which are between 8ft and 10ft (2.4m-3m) long, got onto the Queensland golf course when it flooded some years ago after a river broke its banks.They became stranded when the water receded, but now they are thriving and even breeding, Sky News reported."You can't believe how close you are ... just six feet [1.8m] away," club general manager Scott Wagstaff said.

I suppose it shows that some creatures can adapt to living anywhere.Maybe some lakes were once flooded and creatures moved in becoming cryptids. My thought for Monday  .

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