Friday 21 October 2011

Talking Bigfoot in Forest Lake ?

Creature appears again, this time at fitness school in FL’s downtown
Dateline: Forest Lake, MN, Saturday, Oct. 15th: The mysterious, “bigfoot-like” creature has been sighted for a third time in Forest Lake.
Saturday’s report originated from Renaissance Fitness Kettlebell Skool, 95 N. Lake St. After two previous sightings in the southeast area of the business community, the creature turned up last weekend in the downtown area as it appeared to be continuing its hunt for food.Renaissance Fitness Kettlebell Skool owner James Mortimer, along with personal trainer Angie Brown Zweifel, together witnessed the creature. Mortimer recalls, “Angie and I were  comparing notes on some upcoming classes when the thing shambled into the school!”
“It just came right in the front door and started gnawing on one of the kettlebells!” remarked Brown Zweifel.‘It looked at us and it spoke!” exclaimed Mortimer. “It said ‘“Gree-Akk dum dum eho popo.”’ I have no idea what that means?”The creature, startled by Mortimer and Brown Zweifel, then ran past the two and bolted out the back door of the school in the direction of Lakeside Park.

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