Saturday 15 October 2011

The Hunt for Champ,the Lake Champlain creature

October 14, 2011
Staff Writer
PORT HENRY — The existence of the Lake Champlain monster is the focus of a national television show being shot here."Looking for Champ" will air on the National Geographic Channel sometime at the beginning of next year, Assistant Producer Ben Anderson said.The show is being produced by Tigress Productions of Great Britain for the "Wild Case Files 2" series."It's a series looking at unusual or mysterious wildlife events, mysterious creatures and unusual animal behavior," Anderson said.Anderson, Producer Martin Pailthorpe and a film crew were in Port Henry and Westport on Friday to shoot segments for the show.

Extract: In 2003, an expedition on the lake led by scientist Elizabeth von Muggenthaler detected echolocation, a sound made only by marine mammals like whales and dolphins.Von Muggenthaler is assisting the National Geographic crew this weekend, but the results of their cruise won't be known until the show airs.She previously told the media that they know a creature that uses biosonar is in the lake, but "we have no idea what it is."Pailthorpe said von Muggenthaler will play a major role in the show."We are going to be focusing on Liz von Muggenthaler's research and the echolocating signals that she found in the lake, to see whether her findings can be reconciled with what other people have reported. But we will also be examining how geological history might play a part by marooning ocean species in an inland freshwater lake and much more besides."


Cryptoflorida said...

My trip got canceled due to an illness in the family. There is always next year. I am off to hunt down some mountain lions in Illinois in a couple days....wish me luck.

Tabitca said...

good luck and be careful!