Saturday 14 April 2012

Big Cat Fever and a baby mammoth

Cougar sightings reach fever pitch
By Trevor Wilhelm, The Windsor Star
Step aside Bigfoot, take five Nessie, and make way for the Essex County cougar.After the Amherstburg area has been abuzz for weeks with stories about unsubstantiated sightings, the big cat seems to be on the move. But now, Bigfoot-style, there are photos.Jim Dufour from South Woodslee thinks he saw a cougar Friday in his back yard. While he was scratching his head trying to figure out what the animal was, it occurred to him to snap some pictures. But just like the famous fuzzy photos of hard-to-find creatures including Big Foot, the Loch Ness monster and the chupacabra, these do little to make the cougar mystery any less mysterious.Even Dufour isn't convinced. One thing he's certain of is that it was far too big to be a regular house cat. He took the photos to work on Friday."We've been looking at them all morning at my work," said Dufour, 43, a teacher at New Beginnings."I'm trying to get others to convince me what it was. I'll be honest with you, I'm not 100 per cent convinced what it was but it certainly wasn't a cat. We got a lot of cats in the neighbourhood, see them all the time. But this looked way too big to be a cat."

And in pictures.....A baby Mammoth:

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Anonymous said...

i viewed your cat photo and it is a breed of cat wild to areas such as asia. it is refered to as a jungle cat. the males get large and look exactly like a small cougar.they can breed to domestic cats and breeders have recently developed a breed by crossing a male jungle cat to a female domestic cat. . this hybrid is called a chausie (look up chusie or jungle cat online for photos) these jungle cats were sold last year at green earth exotic pet store on tecumceh rd. i myself had purchased 1 from a breeder near colchester about 7 years ago which had passed away.the father waz a large cat that was much bigger then a cat and looked identical to a cougar ( i believe it is this type of cat they are seeing around amherstburg as well. males can reach 35lbs.they can leap 10 feet in the air and run fast with the same gate as a cougar or wild cat. they also do not meow but rather have a barking sound ( you would think it was a dog barking to hear it. i am surprized nobody has suggested it may be this type of cat people are seeing. the photo you took is definitely that cat