Monday 2 April 2012

Mystery crocodile in Nigeria

Mystery crocodile terrorises Ikotun/Igando communities
RESIDENTS of Joshua Okeowo and Bepo Communities in Ikotun/Igando suburb of Lagos State have raised the alarm over the continued presence of a `mystery crocodile' in the area.Some of the residents stated yesterday that the reptile had lived in the area for 15 years and had constantly been tormenting them.
Mrs. Atinuke Adewale, another resident, said that the reptile was unusually huge and behaved in a mysterious way.She said that she had twice seen the animal swimming on Okeowo Street, which was always flooded and could not stand the sight of its huge size and the way it behaved.`I have seen it twice. It is real. It is so big that I got confused if it was actually a reptile. It would swim back and forth and make some scary noise

I wonder what the scary noise was? Crocodiles growl I think. Unless of course it isn't a croc but something else? Be interesting to see if it is captured and what it turns out to be.

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