Friday, 13 April 2012

New Find of feathered dinosaur ,will it answer evolution questions?

Bird-like dinosaur found with eggs in Patagonia
The bones and eggs of a new 70-million-year-old dinosaur that resembled a flightless bird have been found in Patagonia, scientists say. Palaeontologists said they expected the eggs, which were fertilised and well-developed, to help explain how birds evolved from dinosaurs. Some of the eggs were probably still inside the mother dinosaur when she died - other eggs were nearby. The new species, Bonapartenykus ultimus, is a member of the small, long-legged, fast-moving Alvarezsaurid dinosaur family, they report in Cretaceous Research. Although the link to modern-day birds has been disputed in the past, palaeontologist Fernando Novas said the current batch of bones resembled the skeleton of the Nandu, a modern flightless bird of the Rhea genus, native to Patagonia.

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