Monday 4 June 2012

archives reveal reports of Yowies and extinct creatures may be in Wales

Panthers, yowie men and a headless roo, the real X-files of New South Wales
By Patrick Lion The Daily Telegraph
  • Government archives opened under Freedom of Information
  • Yowie sighting reported in western suburbs of Sydney
  • Rangers still receiving reports of wild panther
IT is normally home to the mythical Penrith Panther but secret state government files have revealed a yowie man was recently sighted in the New South Wales Blue Mountains. The case emerged among almost 60 suspected panther, leopard and big cat sightings from the past decade sitting in the bowels of the government archives and obtained under freedom of information laws.After an overseas TV crew last week claimed it had recorded audio of a yowie man in a remote region on the NSW-Queensland border, documents show the Australian version of Bigfoot was also allegedly sighted last year far closer to metropolitan areas at Springwood, west of Sydney.

Pine marten sightings in Wales investigated

Reported sightings of pine martens - a creature thought to be extinct in Wales - are being investigated. The animal, part of the weasel family, was once common in the UK, but persecution and a loss of habitat led to its decline. The Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) has received more than 40 unconfirmed sightings of pine martens, one of the UK's rarest animals, in the past week. The VWT's work was touched on by BBC's Springwatch earlier this week. Pine martens are about the size of a domestic cat, and are a protected species. The BBC's Springwatch, which is based at Ynys Hir Nature Reserve in Ceredigion, has been following up sightings of the animal. The VWT said it was going through reports of 50 sightings, 40 of them in Wales, in light of the programme's coverage of the animal.

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