Thursday 21 June 2012

bigfoot tracks found and more on Yowies

Tracks leave bigfoot imprint
SANDPOINT — Bonnie Thompson never set out to look for bigfoot, but can’t help but can’t help but wonder if she stumbled onto a sign of the elusive bipedal humanoid. Thompson was fishing with friends in the Trestle Creek drainage 30 years ago this month when she glanced down at the game trail she was walking on and saw a large footprint.“As soon as I saw it, I knew it was something unusual,” said Thompson. Looking behind her 6 or 7 feet away, she noticed another footprint of equal size and took off running to find her fishing companions while repeatedly shouting “bigfoot!” Thompson said her companions were dubious of her assessment, but the laughing stopped once they saw the tracks. Other similar tracks were found on the forest floor, but due to the ground cover they weren’t as discernible as the other two. Thompson later went to Merwin’s, purchased plaster of Paris and returned to the creek, where she made impressions of the footprints.
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Yowie sightings and other weird beasts in western New South Wales
Mysterious, fearsome, fascinating, and very hairy - do "yowies" and other weird beasts roam the state's isolated regions?When Brooke Daniels spoke to Rob Willis from the National Sound Archive about yowie sightings, it triggered a flurry of discussion and controversy."They crop up quite a bit," Rob says of sightings of the folklore creatures. "There's this great debate as to whether the yowie is a latecomer, or an earlycomer, or how long they've been around."I first came across this in Indigenous culture, particularly around the Condobolin area. It's quite common in Indigenous culture.From Indigenous legends to the hazy visions of truck drivers passing through the Pilliga, tales of weird beasts just won't go away.
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