Saturday 30 June 2012

news of Mokele-mbeme and New Jersey Devil

Explorers embark on hunt for 'African Loch Ness Monster' Mokele-mbeme
A group of intrepid explorers are embarking on an expedition to track down the elusive lake monster Mokele-mbeme – known as the African Loch Ness Monster.This modern-day dinosaur is believed to live in the jungle rivers of the Congo in Africa.Now a team of explorers is setting out to discover once and for all whether Africa’s monster is fact or fiction. The team of dino hunters arrived in the Congo capital of Brazzaville on Tuesday with an array of firearms for protection. ‘It would be wholly unwise to travel where we are going without firearms,’ said spokesman for the group Joe Marrero, 28.‘We plan to be in the jungle for three months searching for the mokele and other new species and can only carry so much food.’He and two others - expedition leader and biologist Stephen McCullah, 21, and Sam Newton, 22, all from the US - begin their search next month.Over 80 per cent of Congo remains unexplored, according to recent government figures.
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The 'Jersey Devil' was on the prowl in 1987 - Almanac June 30, 2012
The Express-Times By Pete Brekus
1987: They only come out at night: (from the AP): "Mysterious roars and growls from the darkened woods have spurred residents of Woodbury, N.J., to form search parties and police to try to trap what may be a wild animal on the loose in the Pine Barrens. 'They think this is just another one of those incidents like the Jersey Devil,' said Carol Davis, referring to the mythical creature said to have stalked the Pinelands for generations. She and her husband have been afraid to let their daughters play outside their Pittsgrove Township home after they heard the sounds and saw some type of wild animal in the woods outside their home last week. Police and state wildlife officials are trying to track down the mysterious animal causing the noises, which are only heard at night."

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