Thursday 30 August 2012

man bites croc!

 I thought I must include this for curiosity value....never mind man bites dog is news ,read this lol

Man bites crocodile saving fishing buddy, now he wants a medal
Alison Bevege Northern Territory News
A MAN bit a crocodile on the snout to help save his crew mate while out fishing.But the forgotten hero has been left out of official honours for his part in the daring rescue and he's not happy, The NT News reports.Jason Matiu Grimes, 36, was in a 4.5m tinnie with fisherman Rupa Manimua collecting trepang when they spotted the 3m reptile at Knocker Bay, 180km northeast of Darwin.There was no time for their other crew mate in the water to climb to safety - the crocodile attacked, dragging him beneath the waves."It bit him by the head and took him under," Mr Grimes said.Mr Grimes and Mr Manimua hauled their crew mate - with crocodile attached - back to the boat by an air hose clipped to the 45-year-old victim's weight belt.

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