Sunday 19 August 2012

Still searching for Sasquatch

'Sasquatch Watch' researcher keeps on looking
By Ed Kemmick
Pete Wilson is a patient man, and patience is a useful virtue for a bigfoot researcher.After years of working in the field and investigating reported bigfoot encounters by others, Wilson has been rewarded with seeing a few likely footprints and hearing what he thinks was the howl of a sasquatch. Also, he said, "we've had rocks thrown at us, which is a common trait among bigfoot."But he has learned enough to give him hope that he'll actually see a sasquatch in his lifetime."I'm pretty convinced they're real, but I've got to get that sighting," he said. "I've got to prove it to myself." Wilson, who moved to Billings from Virginia in June, is hoping other Montanans will help him in his quest. He has founded Sasquatch Watch of Montana and has created a website so people can report sightings or otherwise get involved in the search.
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