Thursday 2 August 2012

was this a big cat?

Invergordon female and dog injured by "large cat"
A DOG and its female owner were injured in an encounter with a large "feral" cat in an Invergordon garden, according to police.Northern Constabulary issued a statement today (Tuesday) advising the public not to approach the animal, which is described as a "larger than normal" black cat.It was sighted at 1pm last Thursday when it was disturbed in the rear garden of a house in Inverbreakie.The cat injured the dog and its owner as it tried to flee – the pet suffered a cut eyelid and the female was scratched on her arms as she intervened.

I am not so sure this was a big cat in terms of what we think of as a big cat , but a large feral domestic cat.Feral cats can be quite vicious when cornered,because they are scared . 

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