Thursday 20 December 2012

another extinct creature survived longer than thought

Extinct elephant 'survived late' in North China
By Michelle Warwicker Reporter, BBC Nature
Wild elephants living in North China 3,000 years ago belonged to the extinct genus Palaeoloxodon, scientists say.They had previously been identified as Elephas maximus, the Asian elephant that still inhabits southern China. The findings suggest that Palaeoloxodon survived a further 7,000 years than was thought.The team from China examined fossilised elephant teeth and ancient elephant-shaped bronzes for the study.The research, published in Quaternary International was carried out by a group of scientists from Shaanxi Normal University and Northwest University in Xi'an and The Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Beijing.

extinct creatures being around in more recent times is a good sign for those who believe cryptids are surviving prehistoric creatures.

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