Tuesday 18 December 2012

possible building work at Loch Ness and was it an owl or a bigfoot?

Major bid for Loch Ness development unveiled
By Cheryl Livingstone
Plans to transform a Highland tourist haven with the addition of a major housing development and business park have been unveiled. The picturesque village of Drumnadrochit on the shores of Loch Ness – which attracts thousands of visitors a year because of the loch’s reputation as the home of the world-famous monster – has been earmarked for expansion. Loch Ness Homes, owned by Inverness businessman David Sutherland, wants to develop land on both sides of the A82 Inverness-Fort William road at Kilmore, between Drumnadrochit and Lewiston.
I  wonder what effect that will have on sightings of Nessie? Will the noise of the building works bring her up more?

Bigfoot investigators search for Sasquatch in upstate New York and Vermont
Frank Siecienski of Hubbardton, Vt., says he sighted Bigfoot in his backyard in 2010. But Bill Brann, director of the National Sasquatch Research Society, the video is likely an owl shot close up to make it look bigger.
By Christine Roberts / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Bigfoot investigators say multiple Sasquatch sightings have been reported in Whitehall, N.Y. and Vermont. 
Bigfoot sightings have long been thought to be a phenomenon regulated to the Pacific Northwest.A group of Sasquatch investigators, however, say reports of the creature pop up on the East Coast more than one would think.Frank Siecienski of Hubbardton, Vt., says he captured video of Bigfoot ravaging an apple orchard in his backyard in 2010.“Both my wife and I, when we looked at it on the computer, said, ‘What in the world is that?’” said Siecienski. “Right now I have a picture that everyone is telling me – and I think it is – a female Sasquatch with its young.”   Bill Brann, director of the National Sasquatch Research Society, and others have dismissed Siecienski’s sighting, arguing that the animal is likely an owl.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/bigfoot-investigators-search-sasquatch-upstate-new-york-vermont-article-1.1222327#ixzz2FOUNTqOA

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