Tuesday 11 December 2012

bigfoot at lake Tahoe?

‘Sasquatching' in the Sierra: Searching for bigfoot near Lake Tahoe
By Axie Navas
TAHOE/TRUCKEE — The hairiest experience Chuck Langrill ever had while he was out ‘Sasquatching' in the Sierra Nevada took place one night as he followed a riverbed into the mountains.Searching for signs of the elusive bigfoot in the soft mud, he heard whooping vocalizations coming from both sides of a nearby valley. So like any good Sasquatch searcher, Langrill sat down and waited as the sounds got closer.“I was sitting there with my camera in my hand. I just had a feeling something was going to happen. Then the trees start to move and I see this black, furry thing,” Langrill said.The shape that emerged turned out to be nothing more exotic than a resident black bear, but Langrill said he's convinced he was surrounded by a group of Sasquatches that night. The whooping sounded just like a primate's cry, he said.

So not just Tahoe Tessie in the area then ?:

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