Tuesday 29 January 2013

bigfoot sightings in UK and Alaska

PICTURED: Do these footprints belong to the Tunbridge Wells Bigfoot?
The unusually large prints were discovered just outside of High Woods, between Tunbridge Wells and Pembury, at the weekend.Sent in to us by a reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, it was speculated they could have come from the eight-foot tall Kentish Apeman.

Another Alaska Bigfoot sighting?
Looks like the legendary "Alaska Bushman" is at it again. According to the Delta Discovery, a family out egg hunting in the spring of 2012 have come forward to say that they may have seen the elusive Bigfoot during the trip.The family, unnamed in the story and from the small village of Kasigluk, described the creature as large, dark and hairy, and its arms hung to below its knees. At first, they said, they thought it was another person returning from egg hunting.

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