Friday 25 January 2013

In the news bigfoot sighting, komodo dragon attacks and naming all species before extinction

Legendary Bigfoot sighted near Kasigluk
By K J Lincoln

The Most Infamous Komodo Dragon Attacks of the Past 10 Years
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World’s unknown species ‘can be named’ before they go extinct

By Melissa Hogenboom BBC News

Most of the world's plant and animal species could be named before they go extinct, say researchers.Writing in the journal Science, the researchers said it could be achieved this century.This is largely a result of an increase in taxonomists - the people who describe species new to science.The scientists acknowledge that although there is an extinction crisis, they say the rates are lower than previously thought.Discovering and naming the world's species is critical for their conservation and can be done with only a modest increase in effort, the researchers stated.But they also recognised it will be difficult to maintain a high rate of discovery as it becomes harder to find rare species.Previous overestimates of the number of species - some as high as 100 million, led some in the scientific community to believe that it would be impossible to name all the world's species before they go extinct.

Wonder if that includes cryptids ? 

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