Thursday 24 January 2013

Follow up on the British Bigfoot and giant Manta Rays.

Remember the reports of the British bigfoot Sightings? See below if not
Bigfoot-like creature spotted in Tunbridge Wells
Forget the Beast of Bodmin and say hello to the Kentish Apeman.
By Richard Alleyne 22 Nov 2012
Residents of the upmarket Royal Tunbridge Wells claim they have a giant ape-like beast running around the nearby countryside. The 8ft creature, said to have "demonic" red eyes and long arms, was spotted by a walker in the woods beside the town's common. The man told the Sun he ran off after the beast roared at him. The “sighting” is one of several in the last six months, and locals are split as to whether it is the "real thing" or a prankster in fancy dress. According to community website Tunbridge Wells People, the Kentish Apeman was first seen on the 200-acre common 70 years ago during World War Two. Read more here:
Now there is a follow up :
Tunbridge Wells Bigfoot: Londoners come to town to search for mythical monster.
Read more here :

For those who like giant fish enjoy this:
In Pictures: Monitoring the world's largest manta rays

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