Sunday 20 October 2013

Another rare fish washed up and the last home of the Neanderthals

Oarfish washes up in Oceanside
By Susan Shroder
— For the second time in a week, a rare serpent-like oarfish has surfaced in Southern California, this one on Friday at Oceanside Harbor. Beachgoers who saw the carcass wash up on the north side of the south Oceanside jetty, off the 1200 block of North Pacific Street, called police about 5 p.m., Oceanside police Officer Mark Bussey said. A caller told police he thought it was a whale. Bussey and other officers responded as curious onlookers gathered around the silvery creature. At one point, about 50 to 75 people were there, Bussey said.

This is the second Oar Fish washed up. Whats going on under the ocean? Large predator perhaps or underwater earthquake?

Jersey's place in Neanderthal history revealed in study
A study on a Jersey site that revealed a significant piece of late Neanderthal history has been published. Scientists working on an archaeological dig in St Brelade said teeth found at La Cotte suggest Jersey was one of the last places Neanderthals lived. The team of British archaeologists have unearthed items which show the presence of Stone Age hunters at the headland. They said the finds were helping scientists understand more about the early relatives of modern humans. Digging for archaeological remains The site contains the only known late Neanderthal remains from North West Europe A large portion of the site contains sediments dating to the last Ice Age, preserving 250,000 years of climate change and archaeological evidence.

I wonder what else may have lasted past its extinction day on the island? They may find some interesting stuff .

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