Wednesday 23 October 2013

people transforming in to crocs? and first venomous crustacean found

Chilubi crocodile myths concerns ZAWA
By Henry Sinyangwe
THE Zambia Wildlife Authority says it is concerned with reports that members of the community in Lake Bangweulu of Chilubi Island are spreading myths that accuse people of transforming into crocodiles and terrorising the community.
According to a statement released by ZAWA public relations officer Readith Muliyunda on Friday, the authority was aware that the Island had been experiencing numerous cases of crocodiles attacking and killing people in the area due to the reptiles' increase in population and the widespread ignorance on crocodile behaviour.

First venomous crustacean found
Experts have found the first venomous crustacean - a centipede-like creature that lives in underwater caves. The blind "remipede" liquefies its prey with a compound similar to that found in a rattlesnake's fangs.It lives in underwater caves of the Caribbean, Canary Islands and Western Australia, feeding on other crustaceans.The venom contains a complex cocktail of toxins, including enzymes and a paralysing agent.

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