Tuesday 15 October 2013

oldest blood discovered

46-million-year-old mosquito's last meal is the oldest blood ever discovered
By Nigel Atkins
The ancient insect was so well-preserved because it had been trapped in mudstone, meaning the organic remains decomposed slowly.
The oldest blood known has been found in a mosquito which was fossilised 46 million years ago. It died soon after feeding and was perfectly preserved in the shale of a mountain range in Montana, USA.Expert Dr Dale Greenwalt used state of the art technology to identify the blood in the previously unknown species of mozzie. He told Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that the “improbable find” showed how little insects have changed.

Jurassic Park anyone? It does pose the question if insects have remained unchanged what else may have done the same?  So those who believe in  living dinosaurs, food for thought!

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