Wednesday 10 September 2014

Have you seen the Loch Morar creature?

Appeal for Loch Morar monster eyewitnesses
By Sue Restan          
A film company is looking for anyone who has seen Morag – the Loch Morar Monster – to take part in a documentary about Nessie’s less famous sister.At more than 1,000ft, Loch Morar in Lochaber is Britain’s deepest body of freshwater.And its waters are crystal clear due to the steep-sided walls of the surrounding hills, which means the rainfall does not become peat stained.After the Loch Ness Monster, Morag is among the best known of Scotland’s legendary monsters, with sightings dating back to 1887.These include 34 incidents by 1981 – 16 of which were reported by more than one person.
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