Monday, 15 September 2014

Politics and cryptozoology.

I have noticed over the last few months  some cryptozoology bloggers are using their blogs to make political statements,as in who they support etc. This is wrong as far as I am concerned. Cryptozoology should not be political nor have territories or boundaries. It should be free from the influence of politics and  not used to promote such things. Cryptozoology is in every country and continent and dabbling in politics will cause divisions just as in setting boundaries i.e. our country, our monster etc. Cryptozoology has a bad enough image as it is with all the infighting and hoaxes,using it for your own political ends  or that of your political party will only degrade it further. There is enough internal politics in cryptozoology without including national politics as well. Some times I feel like throwing in the towel because cryptozoology will never be anything or become accepted whilst this sort of thing goes on. What will be have to support a particular political party or stance to go cryptid spotting? You can only set up your cameras here if you voted for this law or party? Where will it end if this continues? Cryptozoologists should be concerning themselves with cryptids not external politics.

a P.S. I am suffering from double vision at the moment so please excuse any strange typos.

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