Sunday 21 September 2014

killer cryptids?

I was watching a film recently called “ Snow Beast” or something similar. It was about a Yeti like creature that ate people and was very aggressive. It got me thinking about how most films depict cryptids as aggressive and eaters or killers of humans. We have yet to hear of anyone being killed by a cryptid so why this portrayal of them as such bad creatures?
The film with Peter Cushing made in black and white in I think 1957 “The Abominable Snowman” showed Yetis as wise and more humane. So what has changed? Is it the modern need for more and more gory films?
Hammer horror in the 60s and 70s had an array of hungry beasts from giant blood sucking moths (The Blood Beast Terror) to people who turned into giant snakes(The Reptile) .All of whom attacked without provocation.
In reality, there are few stories of cryptid attacks. Bigfoot has been said to hurl rocks but in general remains shy and elusive.
I can’t help thinking it is bad propaganda for cryptids  and if one were found would it lead to it being killed out of fear? It may make good movies or attract more viewers to have killer cryptids  ,let’s face it we all like to be scared, but does it do more harm than good for the cause of cryptozoology?

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