Sunday 5 February 2012

sea monster sighting from 1980's

Another sighting reported on comments section :

HI I was either 12 years old in 1987 or 13 in 1988 and in early to mid mays going to the beach was nice as there was no one there except me and a freind looking out at the nice water ice having just left fully a week earlier- after strolling the beach then getting ready to leave after an twenty minute period or so- we stopped i looked he looked we both looked together we said do you see what i see i said yeah do you see whati see- we said holy :%^it it had a head at the front about 5 to 6 feet and as flat as a horse is long onthe snot but pronounced and behind there 60 feet or so was split by three sections around 9 to15 feet each coming up so you could see thru the hoop left in the bottom of each section over the water like a flex or a coil protracted so lets say three14 ft sections with around the same under water distance of the rest of it so almost 60 feet of "tail"with a head- it had to be 5 to 7 feet around and we saw this all from 50 feet back from shoreline at a distance of 350 feet out in the water.
Now people can say there are no sea monsters- but I have been inthat water my whole life and that day in Creginish onthe Creignish beach with my freind Rossie,I saw one.No one can tell me any different-cause that animal inthe water still there ibeleive just after ice left back for up iceland-well snake- eel whatever- this had a long horse like shaped lethery looking from distance head- and to me that is one big monster not no fish from little mermaid.Scary and true.
Sincerly- Ashley MacIsaac musician and seeing of a real cape breton sea monster

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