Tuesday 14 February 2012

Your help urgently needed. Has anyone seen this lady who is missing?

Jeanett Thomas (48) is still missing. We repeat what we posted yesterday:

Our old friend Lars Thomas has asked us to post this:

On friday, his wife Jeanett left home. She was only meant to be gone a few hours, but she has disappeared. There has been no contact from her.

Lars has contacted the police, but asks: "Please, if you know, or have heard anything, let me know".

Contact Lars: lars_thomas@msn.com
Or me: jon@eclipse.co.uk

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lars at this terrible time.

The only good thing to come out of all of this, is that it proves (as if any proof were needed) that
I am not guilty of hyperbole when I refer to the 'CFZ Family'. One glance at Lars' Facebook page shows how members of the CFZ Family from all across the globe are not only sending messages of sympathy, but mobilising to spread the word and help to find Lars' missing wife.

Thank you my dears. At the risk of sounding over-mawkish, I am so proud of you lot. Thank You..

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