Tuesday 31 July 2012

another thunderbird sighting reported

FactReality said...
At my job site, in PA, I saw a big bird, what people call a Thunderbird. It was dark gray in color. It looked like a pterodactyl, but with feathers, and it had the finger feathers of the eagle. This bird's wing span was huge! It was bigger than any bird I ever saw! When it flew, it had a dark gray, more straighter tail, not a fan tail like an eagle when it flies. I saw the big bird standing next to a railroad car and it was as tall as the railroad car wheel. Plus the stone ground that it was standing on was a little lower than the railroad track. The big bird had short yellow legs, not long legs like a Blue Heron or Stork. The big bird had normal size claws, for the length of its legs. It had a dark charcoal gray, straight, thick beak like a pterodactyl, not curved like an eagle. I don't think it had any teeth, I didn't see any. It had a triangular tuft, of feathers, or skin, or hairy down, that came to a point on top of its head, that made it look like a pterodactyl. I later measured the area that the big bird was standing on. The big bird stood about 38 to 40 inches tall including the tuft on top of its head. It was in a hilly, swampy, cornfield area, around the border of the area I saw it in, during the summertime, about 3 P.M. June 2007. When it flew away, over the maple, pine, fir, and balsam tree line, to the North, that's when I saw its huge wingspan. It didn't land in any of the nearby trees. Somehow I don't think the trees would have held it very well, it was so big!
30 July 2012 15:43

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