Friday, 6 July 2012

Cohomo back? and tracking the Flathead lake creature

DeWayne's World - Cohomo is back
DeWayne Bartels
  East Peoria, Ill. —
Cohomo is back.
If you are not a long-term area resident you must be saying, “What?”
Cohomo is not some New Age label like “Metrosexual.”
Cohomo is a term that will make long-time residents either smile or roll their eyes. It is the common abbreviation for Cole Hollow Monster.
After being banished to the dusty bin of history Cohomo came back on the radar screen of Google recently.
Cohomo is, was or never was, our resident Bigfoot.
What is real, without a doubt, is the local interest in and, or, wish Cohomo would go away.

Tracking Flathead Lake monster, Kalispell man records sightings

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