Sunday 29 July 2012

The real Goatman?

Tug Gettling: The legend of the real goatman
Imagine yourself on a leisurely nature hike in the remote mountains of Utah. Maybe you want to take some pictures of Utah wildlife and so you have brought your favorite camera and equipment along with you.Midway through the hike, as you are enjoying the solitude and quiet of being so far away from the commotion of civilization, you notice a small group of mountain goats traversing up the side of an adjacent mountain. As you watch them you notice that one of the goats looks a bit strange and is not moving quite like the rest of them; it is slower and clumsier. Quickly you deploy your binoculars to get a better look.Much to your surprise the slow goat turns out to be something other than a goat. It appears to be a goat-man creature or a person in a goat suit of some sort. The goatman is crawling on his hands and knees trailing the herd. He looks back toward you and spots you looking back at him. Suddenly the goatman freezes, staring back at you. Your spine tingles as the goat-like creature continues to gaze back at you.That is a synopsis of the story of the discovery of the Utah goatman, which turned out to be nothing more (or less) than a man who dressed up as a goat and ran around with a herd of goats to prepare for a future goat hunting trip. While the Utah goatman mystery has been solved there remains another similar mystery: the goatman of Maryland.In 1957, in Prince George's County, Md., an eyewitness reported seeing a hairy, horned monster that resembled a half-man, half-animal creature and the legend of the Maryland Goatman was born.

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