Wednesday, 18 July 2012

hunting the paranormal in Alaska

Investigating Alaska's paranormal a serious business -- with growth potential
Ben Anderson |
Alaska’s a big place, and that means there’s a lot of room for things to hide. We’re not talking about bears or bugs or any other critters roaming the Last Frontier, but rather the less tangible -- the unusual, the undocumented, the supernatural. Alaska has a long history with the paranormal -- from its mythic past full of unusual creatures, to its modern-day infestations with cryptic beasts like Bigfoot and the Lake Iliamna Monster, down to purported alien abductions that became fodder for Hollywood not too long ago. Some in Alaska are dedicated to tracking down and recording the paranormal in the state, even if it means overcoming skepticism and applying methodology to the paranormal.
In 2009, a person reported seeing a Bigfoot while driving in the area of a local elementary school. Desmond was curious why such an archetypically secretive creature would be in such a populated area. She said she compiled sightings from several other people, then began looking for explanations for the out-of-place rumors.

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