Monday 5 November 2012

nessie dragged into politics

Independence fans turn Nessie into Yessie
Hugh Ross
THE world famous Loch Ness monster, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Highlands ever year, has become embroiled in the yes drive for an independent Scotland.
A children’s T-shirt has been produced by the Yes Scotland movement which is emblazoned with the word "Yes" with a picture of a green Nessie-like creature. Underneath the picture is the name "Yessie".The garment is for sale on the Yes Scotland’s website shop along with other pro-independent merchandise including retro Scotland football type T-shirts with the number 14 on the back, mugs, keyrings and shopping bags.Ken Gowans, convener of the SNP’s Inverness city branch, told the North Star that the garment had proved popular with youngsters and his three-year-old daughter has been proudly wearing her Yessie.
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