Sunday 11 November 2012

strange snakes in the news

Hoa Binh’s farmer catches strange fish with “snake head, pig tongue”
Compiled by Mai Lan
VietNamNet Bridge - A farmer in the northern province of Hoa Binh caught a fish with a strange shape several days ago. Leading experts on freshwater fish said it could be an Ophicephalidae snakehead.

National Zoo welcomes first tentacled snakes born in 11 years
By Rachel S. Karas, Published: November 9
Eight tentacled snakes were born at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo last month, surprising zookeepers who had spent four years trying to breed the reptile.The snakes, which can grow up to four feet long, have venom designed to strike different prey in different way. They are aquatic ambush hunters, officials said. Under cover of night, they stay motionless underwater. But when they sense victims, they strike to kill.

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