Tuesday 27 November 2012

Utah -bigfoot hotspot?

Utahns: Have you joined Bigfoot mania?
By Scott D. Pierce  The Salt Lake Tribune
Last month, a video was posted on YouTube purporting to show Bigfoot in Provo Canyon.
The video made the rounds, even getting some play on ABC News. While it seemed to convince some viewers, others thought it looked like a guy in a gorilla suit .What many people didn’t realize is that the video was just one of many Bigfoot sightings in Utah. "Dozens and dozens. Probably hundreds," said Michael Slade, a professional photographer who chronicles on his website local sightings of what many believe is a giant apelike creature. "I’m not hunting Bigfoot," Slade said. "I’m hunting Bigfoot stories."And there seem to be a lot of Bigfoot stories circulating in pop culture right now.Earlier this year, TV shows from "South Park" to "The Newsroom" have used the idea of the creature as a pivotal plot point. In May 2011, Animal Planet began airing a weekly series all about "Finding Bigfoot."There have been sightings in 49 of the 50 states — all but Hawaii — and around the globe, and similar stories that go back centuries. "Either there is a Bigfoot, and all these people have seen it," according to Slade, "or there’s not a Bigfoot, and everybody has had similar psychosomatic, mentally traumatic experiences throughout eons of time and across vast continents

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