Sunday 7 April 2013

bigfoot hunter and the Jersey devil in the news

Peter Byrne’S Search Goes On: Acclaimed Bigfoot Hunter Continues Quest At Coast
Peter Byrne has been engaged in what he describes as the “Big Searches” for almost his entire life; his Bigfoot search alone has spanned 50 years. His first experience was in the 1960s, working in northern California.

Secrets of the Blue Ridge: The Jersey Devil, and Other Local News
By Phil James
According to editors of several Virginia newspapers in 1910, it was said to have been the “most extraordinary combination of beast and bird ever seen in these parts.”“These parts” being referenced were near the village of Hightown on U.S. Route 250 west of Staunton and close to the West Virginia line. That was where David Freeze was reported to have been surprised by a strange creature passing through the sky above him.
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