Wednesday 24 April 2013

breaking the law

Can I just remind people once again that all my comments/ ideas/ blog posts are copyrighted  and to use them without acknowledging where they have come from is against the law and it  is also immoral and lazy to take credit for someone else's ideas.I always credit everything from news items to extracts from books to their source as far as I can .There is no excuse for stealing other people's comments and ideas especially when it is blatantly obvious and readers of the blog contact me to tell me they have seen my ideas used by another blogger after I have posted them. You know who you are and if you don't feel suitably ashamed for stealing intellectual property from a very ill woman , remember karma will get you, if a lawyer doesn't.

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Regan Lee said...

I support you in your comments Tabitha. I've had the same problem with people just taking my stuff and not even crediting me with links, name, etc. Sorry this has happened to you. We have to keep calling people on their stuff when it happens.