Thursday 18 April 2013

The Dover Demon Story and Mothman story in the news

Unsolved mysteries of Boston
After Whitey and the Gardner, what’s left? Meet the vanished socialite, the million-dollar postal heist, the Dover Demon—and more from a city that knows how to bury its evidence.
By Leon Neyfakh

Extract: THE DOVER DEMON "William Bartlett was 17 when he saw it, just sitting there, on a spring night in 1977. Bartlett was driving at the time along Farm Street in Dover, and though it was dark, he could clearly make it out, staring at him with its shining orange eyes. Its head was like an egg, Bartlett said later, and from what he could tell, it was hairless, and had no nose or mouth. Not knowing what to do, the teenager kept moving."

I hope no one thinks this is in bad taste in view of the bombings. It is perhaps a tribute to the diversity of Boston. My prayers and thoughts to all those who have lost some one or who were injured in Boston.

Monster Hunt: Legend of the Mothman
In 1966, a group of gravediggers in West Virginia reported seeing a flying humanoid figure with glowing red eyes. A year later, a nearby bridge collapsed, killing 46 people. Coincidence? Probably, but who knows.
By: Katie Heaney

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