Tuesday 30 April 2013

out of places creatures in the news

Lancashire kangaroo or wallaby sighting investigated
Police in Lancashire have been looking for a mystery marsupial after people reported seeing one near Garstang.Officers heard about a kangaroo crossing a carriageway in Winmarleigh while they were running a rural crime operation in the area at the weekend.Lancashire Police's Dave Kerfoot said he had been sceptical but added that seeing a photo of the animal showed he may have been "overly suspicious".He said police were investigating where the animal was from and who owned it.

Rare sighting of sperm whales in Firth of Forth
The largest group of whales thought to have been seen travelling together in or near the Firth of Forth has been recorded from the air. The pod of 14 sperm whales was seen on Thursday heading from the island of Fidra to the Lamb, just a mile offshore at North Berwick in East Lothian.The whales then changed direction, heading towards Crail in Fife.They were reported to the Scottish Seabird Centre by microlight pilots who saw them from a height of 500ft.The whales were also spotted by Scottish Natural Heritage staff and other researchers on the Isle of May who were able to identify the whales' tail flukes, dorsal fins and plumes of spray.

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