Thursday 16 May 2013

ancient water found and a lake creature sighting from last summer

Deep Canadian mine yields ancient water
By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News
Water drilled from rock in a North American mine is among the oldest yet found on Earth, say scientists. Novel dating techniques used by the Canadian and UK team suggest the fluid is at least 1.5 billion years old. The water was probably once on the surface and then percolated through the ground where it became trapped at a depth of 2.4km.The discovery, made under Timmins, Ontario, is reported in this week's edition of the journal Nature.Although far from any light source, particular types of micro-organism could survive in the water - it has the right chemistry; it is rich in dissolved gases like hydrogen and methane.

I found this from last summer. I wonder if there will be more sightings this summer.              
Monster at Lake Hornindal in Norway
August 3, 2012 By snoma
Guys claim to see lake monster.
“We’ve seen it, there’s no doubt about that” says Andreas Solvik to with his friends Finn Nyhammer and Arvid Otterdal he was out on Lake Hornindal in Sogn & Fjordane on a short trip Wednesday this week.All of a sudden they became aware of some ripples in the water, Fjordingen newspaper writes.For decades there has been talk about the existence of a lake monster in Lake Hornindal, which is the deepest lake in Europe. At the deepest it’s 514 meter to the bottom and many people have wondered over the years what can be hiding in its depths.

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