Sunday 12 May 2013

controversy over dinosaur stampede

The great dinosaur stampede that never was?
By Ari Daniel Shapiro PRI's The World, Lark Quarry, Australia
It's billed as the world's only known example of a dinosaur stampede - but new research is challenging the established version of events at Lark Quarry, in the Australian outback, almost 100 million years ago. Rewind the clocks 95 million years, and imagine the scene. You're at the edge of a watering hole in what today is north-eastern Australia. And you're not alone. More than 100 little dinosaurs are here, ranging from the size of chickens to ostriches. They're drinking peacefully, when - all of a sudden - a giant meat-eating dinosaur tears out of the brush. Its teeth and claws flash as it races in for a meal. 

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