Monday 20 May 2013

new cryptozoological thriller

The Weird Shield by Tabitca Cope

The Knights of the Talisman and Henry are back and this time their modern day quest pits them up against a dangerous new adversary. Did Laura Loomis survive to join this new quest? An old house once the place of great depravity is again in use near the city of York. What is the strange creature attacking people and what key does the York Minster hold to finding the Weird Shield? You will need to read the book to find out.

“There was a sound behind him, a curious sound. He turned slowly but there was nothing there. Terry shook himself, imagining things now. A few steps along the pavement later he was stopped in his tracks by the snarling winged creature that stood in his way. Terry just stood there in shock and then as it came towards him he felt the warm trickle of urine down his leg. He was too scared to notice as the creature slashed at him with its clawed hands cutting his face. Terry let out a scream and started to run , suddenly finding the strength to move breaking through the fear that had rooted him to the spot. The blood dripped as he ran but it was a wasted expended burst of energy as he felt himself being lifted in to the sky. The creature was fast.”

Find it on Amazon Uk Kindle and on Smashwords.Will be available on Amazon  USA soon.

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