Tuesday 23 April 2019

Could living fossil provide answers about cryptids ?

Coelacanth fish more primitive in Indonesian than African waters: Japanese researchers
Although the two extant species of coelacanths look similar as adults, the fish that inhabits Indonesian waters has more primitive anatomical features than those found in African waters, researchers discovered by comparing two younger species.
The Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History and other bodies announced the finding, a likely key contribution to understanding the evolution process of coelacanths, in a recent research report. Coelacanths are considered "living fossils" due to their primitive features. About 130 species of the fish have been confirmed in fossils, but most of them died out approximately 65 million years ago. Although the DNA of the two surviving species differs, full grown fish display similar appearances.
Yabumoto explained, "It is possible that the coelacanths in eastern Indonesian waters kept their primitive features while those in African waters evolved to their current form."
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Could this be why cryptids such as lake monsters are reported as being  similar to other lake monsters  but not completely alike. If they are evolved from a primitive species,their evolution could be at different stages ,hence alike but not the same .Also bigfoot, yeti etc.are similar but not completely alike .Just a thought for the week.

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