Saturday 6 April 2019

Proof of alien big cat in UK?

Cornwall dog attacked by 'possible panther' at Callington
Paw prints, apparently from a big cat, have been found in a garden in Cornwall, following a report of a "possible panther" attacking a dog.Police were told about the incident in Harrowbarrow, Cornwall, on 29 March and called in the RSPCA.Police said a resident "claimed that a panther had been in their garden and attacked their dog, and was later seen with another animal in its mouth".Officers took a cast of a paw print which was "the pad of a large cat".
A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: "Police have received a single report of a big cat sighting in the Callington area."An officer attended the property and located the footprints in the garden.
"We called the RSPCA for advice and took a cast of the print which they confirmed was the pad of a large cat."

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 In the 1990s, there were lots of big cat sightings reported on Bodmin Moor.The creature became known as the "beast of Bodmin". Bodmin Moor is only a few miles from this sighting.

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